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My bones rattle as the scenery passes by. I don't know why being in motion helps me ease my mind. Sometimes when I'm moving I can quiet my thoughts. When I'm moving I can just ride. I've been working on being more present this week. I'm too detached. Feel like I can squeeze a little more out of my life if I try. Generally speaking, I'm too caught up in my head to appreciate and participate in the now. I feel as though I'm acting ostensibly, which holds me back from acting instinctively. It makes me boring, dull, and plain. Everyday's just more of the same. Wish I was more spontaneous. A bit quicker on my feet. Wish I could pick up and leave this place. We used to talk about hopping trains, with a guitar, without a name. Traveling coast to coast, living by the day. I got to get away like a vagabond. Call me escapist, maybe dejected, slightly erratic, likely deranged.


from SLP, released November 10, 2015



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The Shower Scene New York

Alex - Bass
Dan - Drums
Dan - Guitar
Luke - Guitar

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