See You In Hell

from by The Shower Scene



I hope you miss me when I'm gone. I hope you miss me when the memories have all but faded, dissipated; and a cold stone marker marks a spot. I hope there's no hard feelings lingering in the gentle breeze you're breathing in. I hope a love lives stagnant in your heart even after years apart. I'm sure there's so much that we've left unsaid due to mutual stubbornness and ignorance. Each never choosing to give in; both too proud to let the other win. I don't like leaving things undone but I guess not every battle can be won. Lets never let the good times fade away. Lets let those memories remain. I blame the rest on you. I'll see you in hell. I hope you miss me when I'm gone, although we don't appreciate each other enough when we both know we're around; we both let each other down. An 11 digit phone call away but my pride stands in the way. Please excuse my cowardliness, I should have gotten over it. I wish we all could just forgive, forget. Let bygones pass, start a clean slate. We're all sinners after all. Can't we over look some flaws?


from SLP, released November 10, 2015



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The Shower Scene New York

Alex - Bass
Dan - Drums
Dan - Guitar
Luke - Guitar

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